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Udmurt is an anonymous street artist who has been working in the urban environment since 2014. Interposing in street life, the artist does not sign his artworks as a matter of principle, so his artistic statement fits organically into the environment, becoming inseparable from the place of creation. Working with the textures of the city, he creates his works in the cracks of walls, in fallen leaves, on rubbish bins. In doing so, Udmurt's artistic interventions highlight the details of the surrounding space.
His artistic practice manifests itself in the works created "along the way". It helps to reveal the main principles of interaction with the environment - anti-vandalism, laconic and momentary nature of art. Recording his inner state, the artist instantly translates it into the urban environment, for instance, lyrics of a catchy song are immediately recorded on the wall of a garage as he walks past it. Working in the streets, Udmurt accentuates the fundamental fragility of street art and, as a rule, his artworks quickly disappear and remain documented on paper only.
The artistic style and recognizable nature of his works in the urban environment urge a passer-by, who once noticing his artwork, to engage in a kind of quest with the artist - a search for his new works. The thrill and excitement come from the fact that what can be seen today, won't be there tomorrow.

Since 2017, Udmurt's works have ceased to appear in the streets of Yekaterinburg.
The viewers of these myriad poetic interactions are [often] the same people who are responsible for their destruction, accentuating the fragile nature of street art, whose position on the margins is crucial for the preservation of its essence and vitality. Working as a sort of anthropologist of street art, Udmurt highlights valuable issues around its state and mission today.

Snejana Krasteva
curator of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Selected works
Photo documentation / 2014—2017
Photos provided by the author
Group exhibitions
  • The First Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
  • Festival of street art "New City: Ancient", Nizhny Novgorod
  • "Remember Tomorrow", Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg
  • "The Promise of the Landscape", Museum of Modern Art PERMM, Perm
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