Olga Subbotina
Mikhail Pavlyukevich
Textile, wood, embroidery, painting, graphics
Olga Subbotina, 1957, Perm, Russia
Mikhail Pavlyukevich, 1949, Perm, Russia
This artistic duo work with different materials and create large-scale installations. They build complex spaces which absorb the viewer into a peaceful world filled with simplicity, childhood memories and random impressions. The artists interpret Perm wooden sculpture and Russian icons, using manual labour as a way to re-create the visible world of the modern city.
Creating constellations of various objects, the artists draw the images of our vague memories, dreams of the future, the utopian aspirations of a better world, which appear to form the foundation for one of the most productive artistic myths of the recent years - the myth of Russian cosmism.
Selected works
«Bear for sale» series / 2016
Textile, patchwork

This is the series of carpets created with the material, which is traditionally used for the bedding linen in Russia – a simple white fabric with an abstract relief created by the weaving technique. The main character in them is very recognisable: Russian bear is an important part of the national mythology and folklore. It is a totem, a symbol of the fatalism inherent to the Russian mindset. Our black bear with his red years somehow naturally appeared on the carpets we have been working on. His actions and the reasons behind them are not always clear, he is randomly juxtaposed with different objects. However, these juxtapositions create somehow scenarios, turn us from viewers to storytellers and allow us to take part in some sort of a playful act, in the performance with metamorphoses.
«Second chance» series / 2017-2018
Cut-out and embroidery on fabric

Old things: rugs, blankets, towels and tablecloths are an infinite source of inspiration for us. In this series of works we wanted to merge them with the familiar and cherished personages, to underline the comforting atmosphere of works.
«Sanctuary void» series
Cut-out and embroidery on fabric

Salvative void is not only the airless, boundless space, of which Konstantin Tsiolkovsky dreamed but also the world of simple and naive things. Objects that remained from the previous époque, that still remember the birth of the current time of space travelling. They envisage the everyday ascetic life of scientists, engineers and dreamers who transformed the "impossible future" in our reality. The company of these objects invites us to escape from the fuss of the everyday world and observe the endless space within ourselves.
«Low clouds» series
Textile, patchwork, embroidery

"This was our first experience with the printing techniques, transferring photography on rough course calico.The first fragment is the photo of Christ the Saviour in a wreath – 18th century wooden sculpture found in Solikamsk. As soon as we have seen it printed – it defined the character of the work: all the following prints varied in transparency, defined by the natural whiteness of calico. Repetitiveness and the elongated character of the work invite the viewer to meditate over the concept of sacrifice through the imaginery of the wreath's metamorphoses.
"Symbolic space" series is a combination of the simple and bold suprematist vocabulary defined by Kazemir Malevich with the archaic figurativeness of the traditional wooden religious sculpture, highly popular in 17th-18th century in the Ural region"
«On the other side» series / 2019
Cut-out and embroidery on fabric

"We love observing people with gadgets, we find them very poetic sometimes. Their gaze is always fixed, their face – lit by the soft glow of their devices.
The situation in which they can find themselves is very dualistic. On one hand they are absorbed into the virtual world, with its own scale, time and system of coordinates. On the other hand they (sometimes clumsily) still operate in our physical space. This duality is reflected in our series of the double-sided embroideries"
Exhibitions and publications
    Olga Subbotina
    • Moscow Higher Industrial Art School
    Mikhail Pavlyukevich
    • 1971 - Perm Polytechnic Institute
    • 1979 - Leningrad Higher Industrial Art School. n.a. V.I. Mukhina
    Solo exhibitions
    • "Low clouds", GridchinHall, Moscow, Russia
    • "Saving emptiness", Museum of Folk and Decorative Art, Tula, Russia
    • "Chronicle of the movement", PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, Russia
    • "Expedition", State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
    Group exhibitions
    ● "Work is Never Completed", a special project of the 4th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, Tyumen, Russia

    ● "The Shape of the Invisible", Center for Contemporary Art "WINZAVOD", Moscow, Russia

    ● "Promise of a Landscape", PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, Russia

    ● "Invisible Forces", PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, Russia
    ● "(Un) conditional reality. New Art of Perm", Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia

    ● Art Against Geography. Cultural Alliance, CCA WINZAVOD, Moscow, Russia
    ● Materia Prima. Russkoe Bednoe - L 'arte povere' in Russia, Pavilion of Contemporary Art, Milan, Italy
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